Fire Extinguishers tested and tagged

Stamping to AS1851 for a level one or level two service will require one of our Fire Technicians to assess to AS2444. The legislation in each state requires a licenced fire technician to ensure that the risk, size, type and environment is met by the fire extinguisher. Our delivery method is via licenced fire technicians and upon delivery we take the time to ensure that the Australian standards have been met. As low as $5.50 per fire extinguisher (depending on the fire extinguisher type, amount of fire extinguishers and if certification is required)

All our extinguishers are brand new and can come stamped by request, tagged, and tested with a hole punch in the month and year of purchase indicating a new fire extinguisher as per AS2444 & AS1851.

We DO NOT charge extra for this to happen.

Not sure of your business requirements for your state visit- for an easy to follow break down of the legislation to your business.

This means replacing your old extinguishers has never been easier.

FCF Fire & Electrical takes the hassle out of replacing your old fire extinguishers every 5 years or if they fail the 6 monthly tests.

Removal of your old fire extinguishers is also available if required.

All our online extinguisher prices include tagging.

Fire Extinguishers Come Stamped at NO CHARGE