Disposal, Transport and Recycling of Old Fire Extinguishers

Because we are an Australian family run business, we take recycling and our environment earnestly.

Fire extinguishers are classified as a dangerous good and cannot be disposed of at your household chemical waste collection and/or curb-side collection.

Transport of the fire extinguishers are recommended to be done by a service professional in the fire industry or a licenced waste provider. Activation of an extinguisher unit in a vehicle while in motion becomes very dangerous. Hence the reason that FCF recommends allowing our service technicians to safely remove old or faulty units.

Commercial wastes, including smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, batteries and exit/ emergency lights, can now be taken to your local Community Recycling Centre. We at FCF Fire & Electrical take recycling fire extinguishers seriously. We can remove the fire extinguishers for a fee depending on the type. An example is the AFFF Fire Extinguisher, the additive must be disposed of by a licenced company to the Australian Standards. FCF Fire & Electrical have multiple suppliers to environmentally recycle your old fire safety equipment.

Please check this website to dispose or recycle your old Fire Extinguisher or contact one of our friendly locations to assist in removing your old fire equipment safely. recyclingnearyou.com.au

We offer a great customer service, and you will support a family run business that takes recycling very seriously.

To find out more on how to dispose of your fire extinguishers correctly contact our friendly team.