Fire Extinguishers for Businesses

AS2444 and AS1851 exist to ensure that the businesses follow fire compliance. Each state in Australia has their own set of fire legislation that brings in effect the standards. For a website that short cuts all the research find out easily what legislation is applied to fire extinguisher for business visit

As a business owner you’re responsible for staff, customers, anyone present in your business. Fire Safety carries large fines and in some states penalty units that reflect prison time. In 2000 the Childers backpackers fire and since then several others have placed business owners fire compliance in the spotlight. The risk of charges and lost insurance don’t outweigh a small fee for a licenced fire technician to complete the certification process, installation and routine testing.

To find out if your fire service provider is in line with the fire extinguisher industry check out these tips from a Licenced Fire Certifier

At FCF Fire & Electrical the risk of saving a few dollars doesn’t out way the penalties.

As a fire service provider that looks out for our clients we offer low cost compliance in multiple fields.

Examples are:


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