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To find out more about who we are visit- www.fcfnational.com.au

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FCF Fire & Electrical is a community of Fire Service Providers that are owner operators. With multiple people in the group we are able to deliver our services via local people that live in your community.

As business owners our responsibilities are to our customers and friends in the community to deliver the fire requirements for your business. Given that our business is not foreign owned all decisions are placed in the Australian business environment. An example is the group’s decision to make online fire extinguisher training free for covid, to assist local businesses lower their costs. The course set up was in excess of $50k to design, program and deliver. To take advantage of the group’s generosity before the low cost of $7 per person resumes at the end of 2021, visit firetrainingonline.fcfnational.com.au

As the group is made up of small business owners we are here to help you comply and deliver in a low cost to help your business’s bottom line. For more information contact our fire equipment store.